ClockTower History
The ClockTower building was originally the home of the Schmidt Lithograph Company, a graphic arts firm that produced classic California fruit-crate labels. The original three-story brick and timber plant that Max Schmidt built was expanded over the years to include a six-story concrete building and finally, to signal the company's success, the 170-foot-high steel-frame clock tower.

In the early 1990s, the 230,000-square-foot building was converted into 127 open floor-plan spaces by McKenzie, Rose & Holliday Development, offering tenants live/work units with views of the freeway and the San Francisco Bay. The project was completed in 1993 with a total value of $33.6 million.

The CLockTower building originally housed the Schmidt Lithograph Company. Artist's rendition of pressroom layout, now the courtyard.

Sample produce label printed by Schmidt Lithograph.